D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Review: Daffy Delights

D4Swery created something of a flawed masterpiece with Deadly Premonition. Despite being difficult to control, Deadly Premonition excelled in its weird and goofy storytelling with plenty of homage to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Swery’s newest project, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, attempts to reach those same bonkers highs of Deadly Premonition while under the guise of a Kinect game. He pretty much succeeded. [Read more...]

Terror! Report – Scare Compilation 01

TerrorReportCompliationTerror! Report has been going on for over two years now. It’s time to take a look back at some of the most terrifying moments of the series. [Read more...]

Family Game Night Vol. 07 Ep. 01

FGN v7This week on Family Game Night we start a brand new campaign with Game Master Ryan! [Read more...]

Error! Report #146

Error Report 2014This week we talk about Destiny and reality TV! [Read more...]

Destiny Review: Hollow Form

destiny-0All of the pieces are there to make Destiny a great game. The world is gorgeous, with some of the best art and design in a game to date. The combat is fun and fluid with weighty weapons and clever abilities. The music is beautiful and the sound design screams perfection. Yet Bungie doesn’t do enough to tie together all of Destiny’s fragments, leaving behind a hollow husk of what might have been.

[Read more...]

Terror! Report: Five Nights at Freddy’s (Part 2) | Chill, Freddy, Just Chill

five nights at freddysWhat if the anthropomorphic, animatronic animals in a Chuck E. Cheese-like establishment were also sentient? Terrible, terrible things would happen. [Read more...]

Family Game Night Vol. 06 Supplemental

FGN V6It’s time to discuss the sixth volume of Family Game Night, including your listener questions! [Read more...]


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