The Series Regular #039 – Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1

series regularWe’ve returned with a new podcast format, and more cringe comedy than we know what to do with. Join us, won’t you?

[Read more...]

Family Game Night Vol. 07 Ep. 05

FGN v7After a longer-than-expected hiatus, Family Game Night returns just in time to kill all the vampires in the castle! Nothing can possibly go wrong! [Read more...]

EXTRA Extra Life Archive! For The Kids!

Last Sunday, we played video games for 24 hours. Why? To raise money for charity, of course! If you find that sort of thing entertaining, it’s all catalogued below.

Error! Report #152

Error Report 2014This week on Error! Report, we’re streaming live for Extra Life! [Read more...]

Error! Report #151

Error Report 2014This week we talk about Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within. [Read more...]

The Series Regular #038 – Goodbye, The X-Files

series regularWe return from our hiatus, bloody and battered. Questions are answered, and The X-Files is bid farewell on a new episode of The Series Regular.  [Read more...]

Alien: Isolation Review: Fear and Loathing

ai_p3_wallpaper_980x550In Ridley Scott’s Alien, about half of the movie is spent going through the mundane lives of the Nostromo crew. You don’t see the titular alien, but you know it’s coming — the movie is called Alien, after all. The tension builds and builds, giving you glimpses and teases of what is to come, but always holding back for the big reveal later on. In James Cameron’s Aliens, the same rules apply. But this time the xenomorphs are on full alert and barrage the marines every chance they get. Alien: Isolation, from Creative Assembly, captures that same sense of dread and tension building from Alien and the relentless assault of Aliens. It is a terrific horror game that starts off too slowly before becoming one of the most terrifying video games I have ever played. [Read more...]


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