You Might Also Like… Ben Folds & The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

you might also likeWe’re back with more music talk than you can handle! [Read more...]

The Series Regular #031 – The X-Files Season 1 (Part 2)

series regularDo we believe in The X-Files yet? Let’s find out. [Read more...]

Roseanne – Episode Grades From The Series Regular

Here’s every goddamned grade assigned to our first ever completed tentpole show.  [Read more...]

The Series Regular #030 – The X-Files Season 1 (Part 1)

series regularWe want to believe in The X-Files. We really do. Note: this episode has a super annoying echo. Still getting used to the new recording method. Apologies! [Read more...]

Crash Test: Gods Will Be Watching

Everybody just calm down, and no one gets hurt. But, wait, don’t get too calm! Fuck. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: The Hat Man | Back to Basics

hatmanIn this episode of Terror! Report, we roam an insane asylum looking for notebook pages like every other horror game released in the past two years. [Read more...]

Evan’s Monthly Portal Playthrough — July 2014

PortalCan Evan beat Portal faster than he beat it last month? Let’s find out. [Read more...]


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