Crash Test: Dark Souls II – Crown of the Sunken King DLC

Evan and Matthew check out the first of three punishing downloadable additions to From Software’s release. [Read more...]

The Series Regular #029 – Roseanne Series Wrap-Up

series regularThis is it. The end of the road.

[Read more...]

Family Game Night Vol. 06 Ep. 06

FGN V6On this exciting episode of Family Game Night… [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Among the Sleep (Part 3) | Like The Shining

among-the-asleep-artworkClint, Evan, and Kyle continue to act like babies and pick up objects. This time we make references to The Shining. [Read more...]

Error! Report #139

Error Report 2014This week on Error! Report: The Dota 2 International and… oh yeah! QuakeCon. Also Destiny, that happened this week too. [Read more...]

Doom First Look – QuakeCon 2014

Doom-HellKnightIt’s been a long time coming, but we finally have new information on the new Doom game from id Software, now formally titled Doom. I attended QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas and saw the first public footage of the game, tailor-made for fans of the series. They didn’t allow any kind of photography or video, but at least allow me to paint you a word picture.

[Read more...]

The Series Regular #028 – Roseanne Season 9 (Part 2)

series regularWe tie up all the loose ends with this emotional roller coaster of an episode. Next week, we’ll talk about Roseanne as a whole, list our favorite episodes, and assign our series grades. [Read more...]


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