Let’s Talk About Indie Press Day


I went to the inaugural Indie Press Day in San Francisco. Now, you can listen to me talk about the experience for an hour!

I ruminate on the shell-shock of my first real press event, the games I played, the ones I didn’t, and my brief encounter with a bonafide games journalism big-shot (he was super nice, informative, and interested in what I had to say, for the record).

You should check out the list of games shown to find info, trailers, and even some demos available to download.


Listen to the podcast here (it should show up in our normal RSS feed)

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  1. Hey man! Eli here, from Grandendroit, working on Travail. Just wanted to say it was great meeting you and to keep up the good work. I love to see new press popping up who is interested in indie games. Loved hearing your impressions of Travail. We’re definitely tweaking the paths – we only added them a few weeks ago! Was extremely valuable getting your feedback, and once again great to meet you.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to talk about Full Bore on your podcast, we’re glad you enjoyed it!

  3. mogumbolives says:

    Hi Evan. Thanks for mentioning my game Retrobooster. Just to clarify, I’m trying to get it out in 2013. I’ll probably have a better prediction in a few months if that will actually happen.

  4. Hey Evan, Thanks for mentioning Full Bore! If you want to hear more of the music, The band has a soundcloud account with some preview tracks: https://soundcloud.com/adjectivepluralnoun also, feel free to email us if you want a copy of the demo you played.


  1. […] and even the public. It was organized by the same people behind Indie Press Day, which I attended earlier this year. It was a similar atmosphere, but busier, thanks to nearly 300 people packing […]

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