The Series Regular #001 – Roseanne Season 1 (Part 1)

series regularHey! You found a new weekly podcast! Good for you!

We’ve long struggled to devise some reliably good television coverage for this site. Would we do a podcast about a bunch of different shows? Written reviews? It was all for naught, but I think we’ve stumbled into a pretty good groove with this new podcast.

Each week, we’ll be discussing half of a full season of a show in an hour, going episode-by-episode, assigning letter grades and speaking more generally about how the show’s working for us. Or… isn’t working for us. We’re starting with the groundbreaking, 9-season sitcom behemoth Roseanne, but we’ll be peppering some other shows along that journey just to keep the whole thing varied. Either way, if two guys with high school diplomas analyzing Roseanne sounds like your kind of thing, then boy, let me tell you, you’re in luck. It’s… The Series Regular!

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