Crash Test: Invisible, Inc.

InvisibleInc-1920x1080What happens when you combine XCOM with stealth (and a few other things)? Klei Entertainment’s latest release, of course. [Read more...]

Crash Test: Crypt of the NecroDancer

crypt of the necrodancerClint and Ryan dance to the beat of this procedurally-generating crypt. [Read more...]

Crash Test: The Fall

the fallClint and Ryan fall into an eerie and atmospheric adventure game from Over the Moon.  [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Vanish | C.H.U.D.

vanishClint, Evan, and Kyle discover the underground raves in this horror game where you wander down dark corridors picking up… pages. Have we truly gone insane? [Read more...]

Terror! Report LIVE – P.T. (aka Silent Hills)

Bu8eBi4IQAA2gjMIn this episode of Terror! Report, Clint (with a little help from the Twitch chat) plays through Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s interactive reveal teaser for a new Silent Hill game.

[Read more...]

Terror! Report: SCP 087-B | Blood Hallways

Terror! ReportClint, Evan, and Kyle deconstruct the horror genre as Clint descends into the madness of SCP. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: The House (Part 2) | Where Kitchen?

the houseThe spookies continue as Clint and Kyle take fire while Evan wonders why anything is happening. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: The House (Part 1) | Take Fire

the houseClint, Evan, and Kyle drive down a long, dirt road and enter a house full of the spookies. This video is all that is left before they vanished. [Read more...]

Crash Test: Gods Will Be Watching

Everybody just calm down, and no one gets hurt. But, wait, don’t get too calm! Fuck. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: The Hat Man | Back to Basics

hatmanIn this episode of Terror! Report, we roam an insane asylum looking for notebook pages like every other horror game released in the past two years. [Read more...]


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