Crash Test: Gods Will Be Watching

Everybody just calm down, and no one gets hurt. But, wait, don’t get too calm! Fuck. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: The Hat Man | Back to Basics

hatmanIn this episode of Terror! Report, we roam an insane asylum looking for notebook pages like every other horror game released in the past two years. [Read more...]

Evan’s Monthly Portal Playthrough — July 2014

PortalCan Evan beat Portal faster than he beat it last month? Let’s find out. [Read more...]

Crash Test: Unrest

Evan and Matthew make some difficult choices in this unique RPG. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Among the Sleep (Part 4) | Don’t Break the Bottles

among-the-asleep-artworkIn the final episode of our Among the Sleep playthrough, Clint, Evan, and Kyle solve the mystery of what is truly among the sleep. Spoilers: ghosts, probably. [Read more...]

Crash Test: Dark Souls II – Crown of the Sunken King DLC

Evan and Matthew check out the first of three punishing downloadable additions to From Software’s release. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Among the Sleep (Part 3) | Like The Shining

among-the-asleep-artworkClint, Evan, and Kyle continue to act like babies and pick up objects. This time we make references to The Shining. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Among the Sleep (Part 2) | Something New!

among-the-asleep-artworkIt’s time for Clint, Evan, and Kyle to find out what’s behind that door in Among the Sleep. We’re finally doing something new! [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Among the Sleep (Part 1) | Déjà Vu

among-the-asleep-artworkClint, Evan, and Kyle start over from the beginning, but this time they’re going to finish it — we hope! [Read more...]

Crash Test: Noir Syndrome

noir syndromeAce Detective Clint and his partners Evan and Matthew attempt to solve a procedurally-generating murder mystery. [Read more...]


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