Crash Test: Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils

Ryan looks on in horror as Evan can’t. Make. That. Fucking. Jump.

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Crash Test: Democracy 3

Evan shows Ryan how to dismantle a country in thirty minutes or less.

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Crash Test: Grand Theft Auto V

Ryan and Clint look on in awe as Evan takes them through a 90-minute guided tour of Los Santos.

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Crash Test: Gone Home

Evan shows off a single room of the titular home, while Ryan and Clint debate the quality of fake sodas.

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Crash Test: Bleed

It’s been out for a month, but Evan shows off this neat little pixel art action game to Ryan and Clint all the same.

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Crash Test: DuckTales Remastered

Life is like a hurricane for Evan, Ryan and Clint, but DuckTales Remastered still fails to sweep them off their feet.

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Crash Test: Dream

Evan and friends go deep into the dream state, and come back wondering what time it is.

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Crash Test: Electronic Super Joy

Evan, Clint and Ryan have their minds shattered and their hearts swayed by this Early Access musical platformer.

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Crash Test: Papers, Please

PapersPleaseLogoEvan, Ryan and Clint take a look at the latest border-crossing simulation game.  [Read more...]

Crash Test LIVE: Army Of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

urlJoin Evan and Ryan as they play this week’s major release, live!

(Not live anymore, but you can watch the archive here)


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