Livestream: Dark Souls II (Part 6) and Hatoful Boyfriend (Part 1)

1We get back down to basics in Dark Souls II. Then we head on over to St. Pigeonation, the prestigious pigeon academy! [Read more...]

Livestream: Destiny (Day One)

destiny-0Evan and Ryan play the first two hours of Destiny while Clint watches!

[Read more...]

Evan’s Monthly Portal Playthrough — July 2014

PortalCan Evan beat Portal faster than he beat it last month? Let’s find out. [Read more...]

Watch Evan Beat Portal In About An Hour

Solo livestream. Go figure! [Read more...]

Dark Souls II 100% No Death Livestream (Part 4)

1Welcome back to our livestream of Dark Souls II. Part 4 can be found here.

Dark Souls II 100% No Death Livestream (Part 3)

2014-04-27_00002Finally! After playing that icky and old Dark Souls 1 five times Evan-senpai allows me to stream Dark Souls II again! The video is in two parts because the stream broke at a point. Part 1. Part 2.

Dark Souls II 100% No Death Livestream (Part 2)

2014-04-27_00002Praise the moon! The stream stopped for just a moment so the archive is in two parts: part 1 and part 2. Enjoy! (I’m pretty awesome at not dying.)


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