Terror! Report – Slender: The Arrival (The Return)

Terror! Report SlenderSurprise! It’s a new episode of Terror! Report. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Weeping Angels

Weeping angelsDon’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. Oh, also grab those eight pages like that other game where you grab eight pages. Do that too. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Outlast (Part FINAL)

OutlastAnd here it is! The stunning conclusion and scariest hour of Outlast! [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Outlast (Part 5)

OutlastHere I go once again into the mouth of madness. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Outlast (Part 4)

OutlastOutlast continues to scare me pretty consistently!  [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Outlast (Part 3)

OutlastThis game continues to scare the pants off me. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Outlast (Part 2)

OutlastThe terror continues as I walk through the sewers. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Outlast

OutlastI decide to go solo this time, since it’s the middle of the day and I wanted to play Outlast pretty badly. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: 72

72This week on Terror! Report we play a Global Game Jam 2013 game! [Read more...]

Terror! Report: The Train

The TrainThis week on Terror! Report things get real existential and stuff.  [Read more...]


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