Error! Not Found’s 2nd Annual Game of the Year Awards

gotydayfourIt was an odd year for games. Entering 2012, there were a lot of games that the staff was looking forward to, but I think everyone would agree that our final award winners were much different from what we would’ve expected. This was a year of low-profile surprises and high-profile disappointments, in equal measure. So without further ado… [Read more…]

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Error! Not Found’s GOTY Deliberations – Day Four

GOTYDayFourDay Four: We’ve made it through some of the worst trials in our journey to crown 2012’s Game of the Year. Now we must award some dumb games and some dumb things in games. [Read more…]

Error! Not Found’s GOTY Deliberations – Day Two

GOTYDayTwoDay Two is here and that means we’re going to fight over video games some more! [Read more…]


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