Family Game Night Vol. 03 Ep. 14

FGN DND copyWelcome to our traditional supplemental podcast where we discuss the volume and answer your questions! [Read more...]

Error! Not Found’s Family Game Night Vol. 02 Ep. 11

FGN_V2Hello and welcome to our Volume 2 supplemental podcast! [Read more...]

Error! Not Found’s Family Game Night Vol. 01 Ep. 08

FGN PicThat’s it. Family Game Night Volume 01 is over. Join us for a supplemental podcast! [Read more...]

Error! Not Found’s Family Game Night Vol. 01 Ep. 04


You demanded more, and now you have it! Happy? [Read more...]

Error! Report #065

Error! Report LogoIt’s time for the first podcast of the new year! [Read more...]

Error! Report #062

Error! Report LogoYet another Monday means yet another podcast! Evan, Matthew, Ryan, and I all start talking about various things and stuff that we did! [Read more...]

Error! Report #038

Error! Report is back after a week of absence! A week after E3, not much has happened in terms of news so look forward to an extended fourth segment! We discuss how life has been going throughout the week, including Evan’s adventures in Lollipop Chainsaw, Clint’s internet was installed, and differing opinions on Prometheus (don’t worry it is spoiler free). Indie Game: The Movie came out last week, so we talk about that too.  [Read more...]

Error! Report #027

Episode 27 of Error! Report is here! It is our longest episode yet and we celebrate with some Cards Against Humanity! We also discuss XBLA games like Fez and Trials Evolution. TV shows like Girls, The Killing, and Batman. Movies like Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog!

[Read more...]

Error! Not Found #022

Error! Report is here! [Read more...]

Error! Report #20

This is Error! Report for the week of March 4th. In this episode we discuss Mass Effect, SSX, and more Mass Effect. On top of that we go off on tangents that lead no where and tangents that lead everywhere. Plus! A fun new game at the end of the show: Cards Against Humanity! [Read more...]


Error! Not Found has many articles of opinion. Every editor has different tastes and beliefs, and one point of view does not necessarily reflect the group as a whole.

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