The Benefits and Drawbacks of Xbox One

Tuesday was a big day for Microsoft. At an event in Remond, Washington, Microsoft unveiled their next generation of gaming- the Xbox One. After digesting all the news and info on this new console, I have come to contemplate what I enjoy and dislike about the new Xbox and where I will think it will go in the future.

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Error! Not Found’s Family Game Night Vol. 01 Ep. 03

FGN PicWe take a break from the ongoing Call of Cthulhu game to play something completely different! [Read more...]

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Review – Exercises in Futility

The Walking Dead Survival InstinctI played through The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct in one sitting. It wasn’t because I was having fun with the game, or because I had a large amount of free time I could devote to it. I played it through in one sitting because it was incredibly boring, incredibly short, and I wanted all of it to end as soon as possible.

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Amnesia Isn’t Scary… Right?

amnesiaI get scared really easily. So naturally the best thing for me to do is play Amnesia because that game is totally overrated and not scary at all… right? [Read more...]

Here’s A Cool Thing: The Witch’s House

The Witch's HouseThis Friday I was checking out Patrick Klepek’s Worth Reading column on Giant Bomb, towards the bottom there was this link to a Freeware game called The Witch’s House. Curious, I downloaded the game and quickly realized it was pretty unique for something made in RPG Maker. [Read more...]

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review – Close Encounters of the Terrible Kind

AliensColonialMarinesDon’t stop what you’re doing, don’t go to your local game retailer, and don’t buy Aliens: Colonial Marines. You’ll hate yourself. [Read more...]

Error! Report #070

Error! Report LogoWe should really stop making such overlong podcasts, shouldn’t we? [Read more...]

The Cave Review: The Caveat

The Cave

Illustrious game designer Ron Gilbert has fascinated audiences with classic adventure games like The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. He’s really the father of adventure games, and has been kicking around the idea for The Cave for a while now. However, frustrating design decisions and a myriad of technical bugs mars The Cave’s attempts to elicit old-school adventure game humor and style. [Read more...]

Error! Report #066

Error! Report LogoThis podcast is alright. [Read more...]

Photorealism: Problematic and a Waste of Potential

2013-01-09_00009Right around the time that the fifth generation of consoles rolled around, it seems that the gaming industry as a whole has become more and more obsessed with the concept of “Photorealism”.  The idea that one day we could be playing games that look as realistic as modern cinema is indeed intriguing, but ultimately more of a misguided dream than anything else. [Read more...]


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