Error! Not Found’s GOTY Deliberations – Day Three

GOTYDayThreeDay Three. We’re halfway done with the conversations that have strained our relationships almost to the breaking point. [Read more…]

Error! Report #062

Error! Report LogoYet another Monday means yet another podcast! Evan, Matthew, Ryan, and I all start talking about various things and stuff that we did! [Read more…]

Error! Report #061

You know those times where we just talk about stuff? Well this time we talk about a lot of stuff. This past week was a whirlwind of a console launch and many, many video game reviews. We discuss some of the finer details that our reviews didn’t cover and how great some of those games are. We also talk about how not so great (but still pretty cool) the Wii U is as a console released in 2012. [Read more…]

Hitman Absolution Review: Wiped Clean

Sometimes it feels like the rate of evolution in video games is accelerated. As far as entertainment mediums go, it’s still in relative infancy, but we’ve certainly seen more innovation from 2006 to 2012 in games than, say, 1912 to 1918 in film. Part of this has to do with how necessarily mechanical the process of designing a game is. Lessons are learned by one and then copied by many. Io Interactive’s landmark series has been on hiatus for six years, and many trends have come and gone. Luckily, Hitman: Absolution is unique enough to recall the series’ earlier charms, while still polished enough to be relevant.

[Read more…]

Error! Hitman Not Found (FINALE: Episode 11)

Yeah, you read that title correctly; this is the final episode of our Hitman: Blood Money playthrough! After constant trials and tribulations, murders and mayhem, laughter and tears, and so many audio/video problems we have finally done the impossible. We have completed Hitman: Blood Money. It took far too long, sure, but at least it has happened. [Read more…]


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