Error! Report #062

Error! Report LogoYet another Monday means yet another podcast! Evan, Matthew, Ryan, and I all start talking about various things and stuff that we did! [Read more…]

Error! Hitman Not Found (Episode 10)

Our Hitman playthrough is rapidly reaching its conclusion! In this episode we finish the next-to-last mission. [Read more…]

Error! Hitman Not Found (Episode 9)

Our Hitman: Blood Money playthrough continues! After a long delay, the assassinations begin again as the Error! Crew picks up where they left off in Hitman. In this episode, the crew cleans up the missions once completed before, but because of audio/video issues were not suitable for viewing. [Read more…]

Error! Hitman Not Found (Episode 8)

Skip Muldoon and his merry band of Hot Cops, formerly known as the Gator Gang, are having a fancy party on Steamboat Willy and Hitman is here to take them down. Join Ryan, Evan, and Clint as we push people off railings and kill some other dudes in roundabout ways.

[Read more…]

Error! Hitman Not Found (Episode 7)

Santa has come early this year as Clint and Evan step under the mistletoe and kill a couple of dudes. You better watch out, you better not cry, Hitman Claus is coming… to kill you. [Read more…]

Error! Hitman Not Found (Episode #06)

Error! Not Found’s playthrough of Hitman: Blood Money continues! [Read more…]

Error! Hitman Not Found (Episode #05)

The Error! Crew returns with another installment of Hitman: Blood Money. In this episode, we attempt to infiltrate a party, kill our mark, and escape without being spotted. All of this is possible with the power of donuts. [Read more…]


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