Crash Test: Unrest

Evan and Matthew make some difficult choices in this unique RPG. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Among the Sleep (Part 4) | Don’t Break the Bottles

among-the-asleep-artworkIn the final episode of our Among the Sleep playthrough, Clint, Evan, and Kyle solve the mystery of what is truly among the sleep. Spoilers: ghosts, probably. [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Among the Sleep (Part 3) | Like The Shining

among-the-asleep-artworkClint, Evan, and Kyle continue to act like babies and pick up objects. This time we make references to The Shining. [Read more...]

Doom First Look – QuakeCon 2014

Doom-HellKnightIt’s been a long time coming, but we finally have new information on the new Doom game from id Software, now formally titled Doom. I attended QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas and saw the first public footage of the game, tailor-made for fans of the series. They didn’t allow any kind of photography or video, but at least allow me to paint you a word picture.

[Read more...]

Terror! Report: Among the Sleep (Part 2) | Something New!

among-the-asleep-artworkIt’s time for Clint, Evan, and Kyle to find out what’s behind that door in Among the Sleep. We’re finally doing something new! [Read more...]

Terror! Report: Among the Sleep (Part 1) | Déjà Vu

among-the-asleep-artworkClint, Evan, and Kyle start over from the beginning, but this time they’re going to finish it — we hope! [Read more...]

Sniper Elite 3 Review: One Note


“There are plenty of targets worthy of a bullet; men who need to die. Time for find more work.”

The final lines of Rebellion’s newest release resemble an apt view of the game as a whole. It is a power fantasy of the highest order; a hyper violent, marginally fun trek through orange and brown landscapes of Africa, looking for Nazis to kill. There are plenty of targets for you to shoot; plenty of men who die by your hand. But, Sniper Elite 3 is a one-note gimmick that will leave you longing for different work. [Read more...]

Crash Test: Sniper Elite 3

Sniper-Elite-3Join Clint and Matthew as they shoot Nazi testicles. The Nazis don’t stand a chance. [Read more...]

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Review: Paths of Glory

Valiant_Hearts_Key_ArtWar never changes, especially in video games. Countless number of games set you in the heat of battle, gunning down hundreds of enemies with reckless abandon. We never understand the pathos of those stories; we never hear of their struggles; all we ever see are moments plucked from action movies. Valiant Hearts: The Great War tells a touching story of a handful of soldiers in the midst of World War I — it’s just a shame this story needs to be a video game too. [Read more...]

Shovel Knight Review: Rose-Tinted Glasses

In almost every review I write, there is inevitably a point at which it will be tempting to fill a paragraph with pointless comparisons. “It’s a GTA-style open-world game,” or “a fast-paced Call of Duty-type shooter.” I do my best to avoid these comparisons, because I think they’re a little cheap, and more than a little easy. Every now and then a game comes along, however, that is practically begging to be compared. Enter Shovel Knight. [Read more...]


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