Personacast! A Special Edition, Spoiler-Filled Persona Podcast

persona3_fesThe Personathon is over (for now), and that means it’s time for our 4 hour Persona-centric podcast!  [Read more…]

Error! Report #062

Error! Report LogoYet another Monday means yet another podcast! Evan, Matthew, Ryan, and I all start talking about various things and stuff that we did! [Read more…]

Living With Death In Persona 3

In this new nameless and shapeless feature, an editor will dissect a game-related topic in greater detail than they could in reviews or podcasts. New columns go up every Thursday. Fair warning: this first editorial contains major spoilers for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 and its expansion, The Answer. 

[Read more…]

Error! Report #058

Because of Daylight Saving Time, this podcast is going up an hour earlier than I would normally post it! [Read more…]

Error! Report #057

You know those times when you don’t have something to do and you just want to listen to something? Well, usually podcasts can fill that void. Here, take this one. [Read more…]

Error! Report #056

On this episode we argue about things because why not! [Read more…]


Error! Not Found has many articles of opinion. Every editor has different tastes and beliefs, and one point of view does not necessarily reflect the group as a whole.

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