Injustice: Gods Among Us Review: Crazy, Stupid, Fun

I had an odd relationship with NetherRealm’s new fighting game since the time it was announced to the time of its release. The idea of a gritty fighting game starring the DC heroes and villains was interesting. The lack of the developer’s signature ultra-violence was disheartening and it seemed like the game was going to fall to the wayside as Mortal Kombat 9 with a DC skin. After getting the game earlier than expected because of my need for a fightstick, I can gladly report that Injustice: Gods Among Us offers enough fresh hooks and ridiculous moments to set it apart within the fighting genre.

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LEGO Batman 2 Review: Holy LEGO, Batman!

The Caped Crusader’s video game history has been a rough one. Many felt that the classic DC hero had never gotten the proper treatment until Rocksteady Studios’ excellent Arkham Asylum. Is Traveller’s Tales’ latest sequel worthy of such praise, or is it doomed to fall into a pile of other forgettable Batman games?
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Justice League #7 – Review

Issue #7 takes us into the present day and we see what the Justice League looks like after five years. The trouble is, you’d think they would grow up a little bit. The back-up story features the first New 52 appearance of Shazam. [Read more…]

Error! Report #016

We’re back for the new year! After attempting the podcast for three weeks (and various complications arising from it) Error! Report is back!! We’ve got a new segment, major announcements for the site, and TANGENTS! [Read more…]


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