Resident Evil: Revelations Preview

Note: this is from the demo packaged in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

The demo opens with Jill Valentine staring down a dark hallway. It is 9:13 on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea. It is quickly apparent how gorgeous this game is. Textures are beautifully rendered, especially Jill’s character model. The game’s controls are virtually identical to that of Resident Evil 4, and as smooth as they’ve ever been. The hallway leads to a thick metal door. Jill looks inside, which yields a glimpse from behind at a muscular figure bound to a chair (I’m pretty sure this is Chris Redfield…). The door is locked, so I must walk down another hallway. A cheap jump scare involving rats occurs, and Jill ascends a metal staircase.

When she reaches the top, I keep following the hallway. She looks out a window to give me my first glimpse of the outside world. Lightning crackles nearby and thunderous waves slam into the hull. More distressingly, the only forward is towards the source of a pool of blood. As Jill walks in, an inhuman moaning emanates from the bathroom. A horrific monstrosity walks out of one of the stalls.

It is unlike anything seen in the Resident Evil series before. It still has a humanoid figure, but its body has been horribly distorted. Its face is twisted and strange antennae come out of the area that used to be its mouth, its hands are big lumps of flesh with bony spikes protruding from the sides, and its body is covered in strange bulges. Shooting it in the head does minimal damage, and it soon comes and smacks my character with its mace-like hand. I am surprised to see that health is displayed by blood covering the screen (So original…) and regenerating health, but I expect this may only be for demo purposes. The weakness of the creature appears to be its bony hands, and Jill dispatches it soon. She continues her hallway trek, another cheap jump scare involving vermin, and I continue down the stairs.

I hear a man screaming. One of the creatures is holding the man in its grip, and as it get closer, it smashes him against the window, and another creature comes to help devour the poor soul. The only way past is to kill both monsters, no small task. I fire on the hands of the beasts, and after a lot of running around tables, and both are soon dispatched. The demo promptly ends.

So far, this game is shaping up very well, and if it can keep up the polish of this demo, this could be the best Resident Evil in years.