Monolith Soft: Transition to Wii U’s HD Graphics “Shouldn’t Be A Problem”

Monolith Soft’s best works include the Xenosaga series (pictured) on the PS2 and the  Baten Kaitos series on the Gamecube. They’ve been mostly owned by Nintendo since 2007

Like most first party developers under Nintendo, Monolith Soft has confirmed that they too are working on a Wii U game. Also like the rest of Nintendo’s devs, this will be their first time working with HD graphics. Toshiaki Yajima, one of the company’s programmers comments that the company has been doing some “technical research” and as a result, the transition to HD “shouldn’t be a problem” for them.

Michihiko Inaba, another employee at Monolith Soft, says that he’s interested in the concept of using another screen in addition to the TV and hopes to try the technique out soon. He also says that “he wants to show the world that Japanese technology won’t be beaten by America.” He refers to Bethesda and their work on the Fallout franchise as something they’d like to equal.

At the present, Monolith Soft is looking to hire more staff, particularly programmers who are familiar with Havok and Shaders. The CEO of Monolith, Hirohide Sugiura, also says that he’s looking for developers with experience and and those that are ready to put effort into their work.

[via Siliconera]