The Next Game From WayForward May Be Aliens: Infestation For DS

I guess Sega needs to release something to keep the hype for the upcoming Colonial Marines…

Contra 4,  Shantae, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and A Boy and His Blob are only some of the recent titles behind WayForward Technologies’ pedigree. Their 2D side-scrollers are commonly praised and usually given critical acclaim. Could Aliens: Infestation for the DS be the next one?

Recently, the ESRB has leaked from info from the game (and the Australia Classification’s Board before that) in the form of a rating. It’s rated T for Teen, and the discriptor reads:

This is a sci-fi action platformer in which players control a marine squad on a mission to eradicate alien creatures. As players run and jump through side-scrolling levels, they use rifles, pistols, flamethrowers, and explosives to kill enemy soldiers and aliens (i.e., “xenomorphs”). The frenetic battles are highlighted by realistic gunfire, explosions, and cries of pain; injured aliens emit green splashes of blood before collapsing to the ground. Some sequences also depict red blood spurts when human characters are killed (e.g., an alien bursting out of a man’s chest; characters getting bitten by aliens). During the course of the game, players can enter a locker room and see a male character whose buttocks are briefly exposed. The words “a*s,” “bastard,” and “hell” appear in the dialogue.

There has been no word from Sega about the nature of the game, but considering that it’s been rated by two different ratings boards, it’s fair to say that it exists, and we should probably hear something about it soon. However whether this comes via a retail package or as a DSiWare has yet to be determined. Hopefully Sega will enlighten us soon.

[via Siliconera]