Freddy Krueger Announced as Mortal Kombat DLC

The first Nightmare on Elm Street was released in 1984, but in all that time, the series’ iconic Freddy Krueger has never had a deserving video game adaptation. Nether Realms Studios is looking to change that by making him the most recent addition to Mortal Kombat. Krueger becomes the first Non-MK character to become downloadable; he joins fighters Rain, Kenshi, and Skarlet.

It should be noted that this is the version of Krueger from the 2010 version of Nightmare, so if that movie turned you off to the character, or you prefer the classic Robert Englund version more, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. But if you’re looking for a cool new fighter in the vein of Scorpion, you’ll find it here. The Freddy Krueger Character DLC drops on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live on August 9th.