Dragon Age II: Legacy Review

Dragon Age II (360, Mac, PC, PS3) Legacy DLC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Darkspawn make a return as an enemy, but don’t change anything up, even the color palette.

Dragon Age II has a new DLC expansion that gives you a longer mission to get you to jump back into the Dragon Age universe. Legacy can be played anytime in game, as long as you have a house in Kirkwall, and I would recommend playing it as soon as possible, so you have better equipment for the main story, if you have not completed it. When you first start up Legacy, you find yourself back in the Hawke Estate interrogation room with Varric and Cassandra, and as Cassandra questions Varric about some events involving the Grey Wardens and the Champion, the mission starts up.

The first thing you do once entering Legacy is picking your team. This is all normal, albeit the fact that your sibling, either Bethany or Carver, depending on your class, is able to be picked. This is nice for those deep into the main story, as they will have been locked for awhile. I would recommend bringing your sibling and Varric for the extra dialogue (Varric explains the origins of Bianca, and if brought with Isabella, comically breaks the fourth wall, as he is narrating what is going on).  The story of Legacy revolves around Hawke’s father, and his connection with what is going on in the Grey Warden prison.

After the same old “mash A” combat experienced throughout all of Dragon Age II, you find an interesting weapon, which you can upgrade at certain points throughout the mission, and some of these upgrades are very useful. As a rogue I took advantage of extra critical hit damage, since I already have a high percentage of dealing critical hits, among other upgrades. There is one character that you will meet that feels ripped right out of Lord of the Rings, and another that is as deep as a kiddie pool. The boss battle is interesting, but can be near impossible without a healing mage or a large amount of healing potions, since one of the boss’ attacks is impossible to dodge and can easily wipe out your whole team if you aren’t careful. Overall, the whole mission just feels like a jaunt through a bigger dungeon in the core game, no mechanics are changed, and there are very few side quests that may or may not be worth your time.

The Good: The special weapon gives a very slight feel of a new mechanic, but I wish it was built upon more.

The Bad: No technical improvements to any of the problems people had with the core game, but what do you expect from DLC. More brown and grey environments then ever, and none of it is pretty.

The Ugly: The story is extremely lacking, not helped by unoriginal characters, and after all is said and done you wonders why you should even care about what just happened. (Varric even says it’s not important, so why are we doing this anyway?)

Total Score: 6.25 out of 10

Final Comments: If you really want to get back in to this game, then continue at your own risk, but there is little here worth the $10 I spent, unless you are willing to shell out that much for a cool weapon.