A Second Opinion on Catherine (PS3)

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Catherine’s a unique game. It’s a puzzle game, kinda like Q*bert and it’s about romance. It’s a visual novel and a new IP, as well as the first HD game that Atlus has developed. Yet, despite this, the game ended up being pretty good. It’s a game that bucks the traditional trends and focuses on the common themes of love, betrayal, and morality in ways that no game before has approached.

What’s impressive to me is that Catherine is a game that makes you think. Really think. Not just when going through the various puzzle stages, but in how it presents their story. The player is asked a morally ambiguous question at the end of each level and is presented with scenes that show flawed, human characters. At first, it might be obvious who to feel bad for, who to hate, and who to sympathize with. However, those initial feelings can quickly change as it turns out that no one character is really a perfect protagonist or antagonist, hero or villain. At the very least, the story is Catherine’s biggest strength.

However, not everything is perfect. Most of the issues come from the nightmare stages. During one especially difficult boss stage, the camera can become a real issue, especially as objects start to obscure the camera view. Difficulty quickly becomes an issue as well; I’d suggest playing on Easy to just get through the game, and on Normal if the player wants a great deal of difficulty. I definitely suggest using the D-pad for this game, because the analog isn’t anywhere near accurate. Movement during the day sections in the Stray Sheep bar are rigid as well. But, overall, Catherine is a good game. Its got its issues, but it really does a lot in other areas most games don’t touch. I think Catherine will be a game people who play it will talk about long after its release, just like any good movie or book.

Score: 8.25/10