Kirby’s Epic Yarn Review

The Pink Powerhouse has been loved by gamers around the globe since his first action/platformer game on the NES, Kirby’s Dream Land. Kirby’s instant popularity made him one of the most recognizable Nintendo mascots. Epic Yarn builds on Dream Land’s formula by adding more precision and variety through uniqe mini-games.

Epic Yarn doesn’t have a strong narrative, however there is plenty of fun that will keep you playing until you see the credits roll. Especially if you have a buddy to play with. After completing each “Patch,” a short narrated cut-scene will begin. These clips have a innocent, Saturday morning cartoon feel that will make even the most cynical crybaby crack a smile.

The gameplay ranges from the classic jumping platform to platform and killing goons, to transforming into a tank and killing everything in site. However the game manages to be simple enough for anyone to play, whether you’re a child or a die-hard collect-a-thon mad man. There are several different “transformation” sequences, but I won’t spoil them. Not because they lend anything to the plot, but because they are amusingly whimsical.

This is as awesome as it looks

The graphics look great. To a less informed gamer, it could be mistaken for a game developed for a higher-end console. Though the graphics are not a important  feature in Epic Yarn, they are however worth mentioning. Denim textures have a neat depth and the cotton looks pretty real. It also has some impressive particle and motion-blur effects.

On the other hand, the sound in this game really shines. The snappy jingles will have you and Kirby jumping along. The narrator’s voice sounds exactly as it should, soft, deep, and warm. This game would not be the same with your volume turned down. Most importantly, Kirby’s monkey kung-fu sounds are better than ever!                       

What I imagine the narrator looks like

Players control the Pink Crusader by holding the Wii controller sideways as one would a nes controller. So players of the original games  should feel right at home. There are also home decorating segments in the game. For these, players point the Wii controller at the screen to place pieces of furniture. The controllers are very responsive, the only complaint I have is that the platforming is rather floaty, however I suppose that is to be expected when you’re playing a ball of cotton.

Overall Epic Yarn is a game everyone can enjoy. It’s cute, simple, fun, and challenging for those who choose to get 100-percent. It is a fine game to play alone, however if you want to enjoy it to it’s fullest, you should play it with a friend.


The Good: Fun, cute, variety, controls, sound. 

The Bad: Length, not having friends to play with.

The Ugly: Maybe too cute?