Breaking Bad: “Bullet Points” Review

Great development and intense sequences make this week`s episode a bullseye

**Warning this review contains spoilers for the fourth episode of Breaking Bad. **

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Last week’s episode of Breaking Bad was a cut above the rest, and gave me hopes for the rest of this season. Well, I am pleased to say that this week’s episode did not disappoint and was able to provide both some great action sequences, and intriguing character moments.

The episode starts off rather confusingly in a cold, dimly lit Los Pollos truck, bouncing up and down some dirt road. Humbly sitting in the dark with all the methamphetamines (appropriately hidden in Los Pollos chicken buckets) and wearing a parka, is Mike. Although it is unclear why Mike is stuck in a freezing cold truck, things are quickly explained as the truck is pulled over and barraged with bullets by a competing cartel. Fortunately Mike survives with only minor injuries, while those conducting the shooting were not so fortunate. Long time viewers know that Gus has not made a whole lot of friends throughout the series, and so it is interesting to see a competing cartel finally make a move (especially after Gus had a competing drug lord killed last season). This also adds a whole other aspect to the show now, for not only does Gus now have to worry about Walt betraying him, but also with how to deal with the competition. This also makes me wonder how this will come to effect Walt, for everything always goes back to him. As already mentioned Walt is not on the best of terms with Gus and so could this competing cartel be exactly what Walt needs. For as the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and at this moment friends are exactly what Walt needs if he wants to take the big man down himself.

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While Gus must deal with the competition, both Walt and Skyler continue their evil exploits. As the carwash has been purchased, both had to now create a convincing story as to how they gained the money to purchase it.  Luckily for Walt, Skyler had already come up with a brilliant lie which involves Walt counting cards and winning excessive amounts of money from gambling (as seen last season).  Once again, Skyler took control of the situation ensuring that every little detail was perfect and laid out in a way in which would protect Walt. However, Walt is not used to being protected, nor does he take kindly to others being in control and so it was unsurprising to see a power struggle emerge between the two.  This season so far has been all about power struggles, whether it be Jessy and Walt, or Gus and Walt, and so I was happy to finally see these two go head to head.  When it comes down to it, both Walt and Skyler a hard-headed, and are always looking to cease power over others in some way. Although this may have made for an interesting marriage, I am not so sure if it will work out business-wise.  Skyler and Walt’s partnership is built on a loose foundation and so it is only a matter of time before it crumbles about them. Hopefully they, as well as their family, can get out of the way before it finally comes crashing down.

While Walt’s and Syler’s partnership was an interesting part of the episode, the true highpoint of the episode came at the dinner party with Hank and Marie. As Hank is showing some rocks to Walter Jr. and trying to act intelligent, only to be out smarted by Walt (who obviously needs to overpower at least one person per episode), the case that Hank is working on is brought up. My stomach immediately turned as Hank brought this up, for I knew he was going to bring up Gale’s lab notes. However, I was greatly mistaken for instead Hank choose to show them a confiscated music video that Gale did for Peter Shilling’s Major Tom. As both Walt and I sat observing the horrifying remnants of Gale, I came to realise just how screwed Walt is. However if only I would have known, for mere minutes later Hank choose to show Walt the LAB NOTES. As they drifted through the pages of proper mixtures, lab equipment and how to use it, Hank landed on a page with the initials W.W. Hank knew it was someone’s initials, but just not whose, and so jokingly they went through names that could have the initials W.W. Yet as Hank said Walter’s name laughing, the look that came on Walt’s face as he humbly said “you got me” was horrifying. It is at this moment that I came to realise two things: one Walt has to find a way to get rid of that evidence; and two just how stupid Gale really was. This book truly is Pandora’s box for not only did it contain how to make illegal substance; if one were to look closely Gale even drew map layouts of the lab where he worked. Now tell why any sane man working with illegal substances, would write this down and bring it home with him, let alone label it in big bold letters LAB NOTES. I am not saying that Gale deserved to die, but holy hell you have to be pretty stupid to realise that this kind of stuff is not the type of thing you want to keep an intimate journal on.  Never the less, this lead to Walter  confronting Jesse in his crazy drug lair/house, where he was appropriately shaving someones head a la Walter himself. As previously discussed Jessy has hit rock bottom and so does not care about much. All he cares about is forgetting the past and living in the present, as miserable as it may be. However, Walt’s questioning about the murder was somewhat of a wakeup call to Jessy, and showed that he can’t hide forever.

From here the episode divided into two different segments- one focused on Walt and the other focused on Jessy. After Walt had his not so pleasant discussion with Jessy, he choose to go right to Saul where in which Walter came to a grand realization: that his relationship with Gus cannot in any way end well.  How it took Walter this long to realise I don’t know. Perhaps he was being ignorant, or perhaps he was trying to hide from the facts. Never the less, Walt knows that this relationship with Gus will end when either ones blood is spilled. As horrifying as this may be, Saul for once brought something intriguing to the table: just run. Although Saul may be a shoddy lawyer, and has never been the most intelligent, when he told Walt that he was able to erase his and his families existence it brought a sympathetic smile to my face. Despite Saul seemingly being in this for himself, there is a part of him that is willing to protect those that have helped him in some way.  I kind of hoped that Walt would have taken him up on the offer, but then again if nothing else Walt is a persistent SOB and so will do what he must to the bitter end.

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As Walt lay out plans with Saul, Jessy lay in his fortress doing as he has been doing for the last few episodes. However, things quickly go awry as Jessy comes home, after asking the scum living in his house to order pizza for everyone, only to find his stash of money gone. However, instead of find the culprit he simply lays down, unwilling to face any challenge as he has so aptly been doing.  If there was one thing I thought Jessy cared about it was money. I mean it seems that is the only reason why he has continued his partnership with Walt and Gus; well aside from the fact that he was threatened to be murdered. However, as Jessy lay back in his bed thinking of days gone by, I came to realise just how utterly defeated he is. While I had hope that he would become that I once knew, I now know that man is long gone. All that remains is an empty shell, pitying what was lost.

Despite Jessy not caring about the money, there was one person that did- Mike. After returning from another day on the job Jessy finds Mike in his house, while the man who stole Jessy’s money lay tied and blindfolded at his feet. Although it is unclear why Mike would do this for Jessy it was interesting to see these two interact without Walt there. However, as the thief lay whimpering as Mike drew his gun, Jessy did the unthinkable- he reacted. This was my favourite part of the episode hands down for Jessy has never been the one to “man up”, yet while staring at Mike he simply calls his bluff and tells him that he won’t kill this man. The look on Mike’s face was priceless as Jessy slowly walked up the stairs to bed and although Mike tries to confront him Jessy simply stares him in the eyes and ask one simple question: why would you blindfold a man that you are going to kill? Jessy may no longer care about anything, but after killing Gale he now knows a few things about murder, and clearly Mike did not plan on it…at least on that day.

The episode comes to a close with Walter paying another visit to Jessy. After not appearing at the lab, Walt angrily rushes to his house to get the lazy slacker. However, all he finds is an empty house and Jessy’s vibrating phone. Realising what has now happened he rushes back to the lab and in all his fury walks about to the security camera and yells “WHERE IS HE!” The scene cuts to Jessy in a car with Mike driving off into the dessert. As Jessy ask where they are going, fear in his eyes for once, Mike simply looks at him as if to say “What scared”. Why this is happening I have no clue. Perhaps it is because Jessy has been stealing meth over the course of the last few seasons and giving it to his junkie friends. Maybe it is because of the way he has been acting lately. Never the less, it sure to be an interesting confrontation between Jesse and Gus, who may not be as forgiving as he once has. Overall “Bulletpoints” was a fantastic episode. Now that the pacing has picked up once again I greatly look forward to what happens in next week sure to be explosive confrontation.

The Good: The overall pacing of the episode was better than the last two, and there were multiple parts that had me on my toes

The Bad: I would have liked to see a bit more of Gus, but as of late I guess the point is to not see him.

The Ugly: While not ugly how long can Walt and Skyler keep up with all the lies and deceit, especially with Hank so close to finding out.

Overall: 9.5 out of 10