A Delayed Second Edition of The Editors Recommend

Due to the acclaims (re: lack of hate mail) that the first edition of TER garnered, we have decided to put forth another round of musical recommendations for you the readers (slightly delayed; our apologies). Enjoy!

Cayci Phillips 

Song: Zombie Barricades

Artist: The Company Band

Description: If you enjoy hard, ass kicking rock & roll as much as yours truly, there’s no reason to live your life without ever hearing this song. Or any of their sings, for that matter. Seriously. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Matthew Milewski 

Song: Four Part Plan (Portal 2 OST)

Composer: Mike Morasky

Description: I was pleasantly surprised by Portal 2’s shockingly good soundtrack, and even more so when I heard this excellent final boss theme. The fast-paced nature of the battle against your insane antagonist is perfectly complicated by the eclectic nature of this track. I also like how a lot of things are happening in this song, much like the surrounding battle.

Evan Tognotti 

Song: The Life and Times of the Clerkenwell Kid

Artist: The Real Tuesday Weld

Description: A good starting point for one of my favorite modern bands. They’re known for laying electronica beats over more classically jazz melodies, an interesting sound that you should give a listen. If you want to hear more of The Real Tuesday Weld, get their excellent album “I, Lucifer” or listen to the music that plays over the credits of L.A. Noire.

Ryan McGinley 

Song: Hotel California

Artist: The Eagles

Description: A classic song, and if you haven’t heard it, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Nicholas Clement

Song: Woman

Artist: Wolfmother

Description: Wolfmother has become one of my up and coming favorite bands. With their catchy rifts and genral harkening back to classic rock, Wolfmother instantly captures the listeners attention. I can’t recommend these guys enough, whether it be the intro guitar rift that imediatly pulls you in, or Andrew Stockdale’s grainy, almost whinny vocals that manage to fit the intrumental, these guys will have you hooked from beginning to end.