Breaking Bad: “Bug” Review

Walt, I think this is the end of a beautiful friendship

**Warning this review contains spoilers from the ninth episode of Breaking Bad. **

     Last week’s episode of Breaking Bad really got me excited about what’s to come. It set up the remainder of the season, while looking back at one of the greatest villains’ television has seen. This put a lot of pressure on Vince and the gang to make the remainder of the episodes count, and while “Bug”does not hit the layer of greatness that was “Hermanos”, it certainly packs more than enough punch to leave me looking forward to more.

     The episode begins on an intriguing note as the camera is simply focused on, of all things, someone’s shoes. Vince has a knack for using simple shots to set up his episodes (look at what he did all of season 2), and so you always know that it will certainly lead to something bigger. Well this was no exception, as blood slowly drips onto the shoes, and puddles on the floor. It was at this moment that I knew that s**t was going to go down. This was the episode that Walt and Jesse were going to come to a crossroads. Turns out I was right as the scene than magnificently transitions to the clean pair of shoes, that just so happen to belong to good ol’ Mr. White. This was such a great way to start off the episode, as despite knowing the ending of it, it forces you to see just how bad their relationship gets, and oh boy does it ever.

Photo Courtesy of AMC

 It is of no surprise that Walt and Jesse have had their difference as of late. As Walt is merrily working with his D.E.A  brother in law, Jesse continues to work with Mike to ensure that the cartel, or the D.E.A  don’t come knocking at their door. However, things turn ugly as Hank comes to find out where Gus has been storing his meth (on the chicken farms). As Walt is still loosely loyal to Gus, he informs him. This forces Jesse and Mike to immediately clean up the farms to ensure that when the D.E.A comes they find nothing.  However, it’s not the D.E.A that finds them, but the cartel.  As guys are getting shot at all around Jesse, you can see the fear in his face, as well as the memories of Gale, come flowing back to him.  However, the focus quickly changes to Gus who sombrely walks onto the bloody battlefield, gunshots ringning in the background, and simply lifts up his hands and says “What now”. As Gus is stared at through a sniper scope I got the chills. After last week’s episode, Gus has become a BAMF (look it up at your own discretion) in my books, and this solidified it. Although he is a feared drug lord, he is also an astute business man, and the cartel need him as Mike so aptly tells Jesse.

     While Walt and Jesse were dealing with some problems of their own, Skyler had to face some issues that have come back to haunt her. After being a bookie again for her embezzling boss Ted last season, Skyler thought she would be able to escape crime and live a happy life. Turns out she was wrong. Not only is the carwash not making the amount of money it should be, especially since she is embezzling Walt’s money, but Ted also comes back saying that he is being audited and might go to jail. I always knew this would come back to bite Skyler in the a$$ and did it ever, and at the worst time too! Thank goodness that Skyler is one conniving lady, and was able to sexily get her way around it but acting like a dumb, blonde ditz. Although Skyler’s character has not change as of late, it’s nice to see in a situation that requires her to be in command.  However, through helping both Ted and Walt now, I am unsure if she will be able to keep up the charade, for as strong as she is, no person can keep the weight of the world up forever.

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      The episode ended in grand fashion when Walt choose to confront Jesse after bugging his car to see if he would kill Gus. As paranoid as Walt is, this was too far and Jesse knew it. After manipulating, and harassing Jesse for three whole seasons, Jesse had enough and laid the beat down on Walt. This was a well filmed scene, for as wimpy as the fight was, at least at first, you can see the disparity in each of their eyes and what exactly this fight means to each of them: for Walt it means freedom from the life he has created for himself; for Jesse it means freedom from the man who he once saw as a father figure but was truly a conniving, manipulative master. As Jesse trips Walt and he crashes onto the coffee table, followed by Jesse throwing haymaker after haymaker, I knew this was the end of their friendship, or more appropriately their partnership, for that’s all Walt saw Jesse as. “…get the  f**k out of here and never come back” Jesse sombrely tells Walt as he stumbles to his feet.  I mean after that, what more can you say? From this point there is no going back for either character. All that is left is the hilly road ahead, only now each is headed in separate directions.

    While “Bug” seems to be a misplaced title (in hindsight I think they should have called this one “Cornered”), it never the less provided some great moments that set up the remaining episodes. After years of waiting the inevitable happened, but where Walt and Jesse go from here is anybody’s guess.

 The Good: The thrilling conclusion, seeing the repercussions of Skyler’s actions, and Gus…just Gus

The Bad: The title was rather ineffective since they choose not to focus so much on that aspect

The Ugly: Nadda

Overall: 9 out of 10