Breaking Bad Season Roundup

Photo Courtesy of Howard Shore

This article was meant to be apart of my “Face Off” review, but decided to make it its own mini article as my review was pretty large. It will will provide a brief overview of what I enjoyed throughout season four of Breaking Bad, what somewhat frustrated me, and what I absolutely despised (I’ll give you a hint, there’s not much).

The Good:

Some great character moments with Jesse and Walt that really delved into how there charcters have changed since last season

Hank’s whole D.E.A storyline was enjoyable, and made the charcter more tolerable than his whinny self

Gus just being awesome, along with a look back at what made him become awesome

Skyler becoming apart of Walt’s world

Seriously Gus poisoned the cartel and walked into the middle of sniper fire, and fixed his tie with half his face missing!  That is not good. That is awesome!


Whoever made this is awesome!

The Bad:

A bit slow at the beginning

Certain events and charcters never got resolved , or did indirectly (i.e Mike not there, what happened to Saul after he got Jesse out of there?)

Hank being a bit whinny at first and Marie reverting to her old self

Don't Act Like You Wouldn't Play With This
...Or the Accesories

The Ugly:

While certain things I considered to be ugly over my past reviews , many of those I can now see as being tolerable.

The sheer amount of carnage in the season was pretty damn ugly, albeit necessary to show how deep Walt and Jesse were

Weird...yes Ugly...not so much

Season 4 Overal Score: 9 out of 10