InFamous 2: Festival of Blood Review

Halloween is over, and even though the holiday is gone, we are left with two things, candy and some good DLC. The latter of which comes in the form of the new InFamous 2 DLC, which is aptly named Festival of Blood.

First off, I should probably clarify that Festival of Blood is actually a standalone game apart from InFamous 2. The story never touches on either of the first two games, and the only relation to InFamous 2 is that it takes place somewhere in the timeline of it, and is still placed on New Marais.  To catch you up on the story to where the gameplay picks up, it goes a little something like this: Cole went into a crypt, awoke Bloody Mary, she made him a vampire, and come sunrise, he will fall completely under her control. You must set out on a quest to stop her before sunrise. Oh, did I mention this is all narrated by Zeke in an attempt to pick up a chick?

The gameplay is largely the same from the main game, but there are a few new cool additons and changes. The biggest notable change is that there is no longer a morality meter, but it is replaced by a blood meter. You can collect blood by either staking other vampires, or by biting civilians, both of which have no consequence on how you play, and since you are a vampire, you are considered evil and you are giving reddish orange lightning. Speaking of the blood meter, you might be wondering what it is used for. You get a few new vampire powers this time around, the coolest of which is changing into a pack of bats and being able to fly around for quick travel across the island. The melee also takes an even bigger focus this time around, and it feels very smooth and natural, especially with the new stake kills. Since there is no connectivity between the main game and this DLG, you start off with set powers and then gain more as you kill more vampires.  Throughout the island, you will come across a new kind of collectible that will help increase your blood meter once you collect enough of them.

The story never takes itself too seriously, providing some laughs in the delivery of Spiderman and Michael Jackson’s Thriller references. Once you complete the story you are given free roam to complete some user generated missions, and even make your own Festival of Blood themed missions. The atmosphere of the game is also very fitting, dark tones and fires burn around New Marais as people, all costumed up, dance and sing around them in tribal fashions. All of this comes together to create an intriguing, albeit short, story.

I also got the chance to try out the Move controls. While I was excited going into this, expecting to flick my wrist in directions and shoot out lightning. All I got was a way to move the camera with my hand. Sadly, the melee isn’t even connected to the motion controls, all still just being assigned to one button.


The Good: More InFamous 2! The gameplay is still really solid and atmosphere really sets the tone. Melee takes center stage in fights and it feels oh so good.

The Bad: The story is so short that the fun is over just before it started, and the final boss battle is far longer than necessary.

The Ugly: The Move controls once again provide another hugely missed opportunity. Trying to attack one person in a crowd full of people can be difficult, usually turning crowds against you with a missed swing.

Final Score: 8.5 out of 10