Error! Report #016

We’re back for the new year! After attempting the podcast for three weeks (and various complications arising from it) Error! Report is back!! We’ve got a new segment, major announcements for the site, and TANGENTS!

Time Stamps

  • 00:26-1:39 Intros
  • 1:39-4:27 Cayci (Lost)
  • 4:27-11:52 Matthew (El Shaddai, comics)
  • 11:52-16:42 Ryan (Saints Row, Mass Effect, HIMYM)
  • 16:42-23:52 Evan (Dreamcast, Movies)
  • 23:52-36:22 Clint (comics. weather, Angel, Starcraft 2)
  • 36:22-54:52 Reader Questions
  • 54:52-1:36:52 Leonard Maltin Movie Game
  • 1:36:52-2:00:47 News (Sundance, game demos, game of thrones, Ipad 3, SOPA + PIPA)
  • 2:00:47-2:31:07 Leonard Maltin Movie Game pt. 2
  • 2:31:07- Ending and outros

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