“Like Crazy” Film Review

When I first heard about “Like Crazy” I thought it was going to be another typical romantic film, only this time with a personal favourite actor of mine- Anton Yelchin. While it may be true to say that “Like Crazy” treads familiar ground, it adds enough of an emotional twist to make it worth your while.

The story revolves around two love struck teenagers, Jacob and Anna, played by Anton Yelchin and English actress Felicity Jones respectively, as they embark into a love filled summer after graduating from school.  However, upon discovering that her visa is about to expire, Anna makes the decision to stay with Jacob, leading to severe consequences when Anna is deported and Jacob must do everything he can to protect his true love.

While the film goes through the basic sparks notes of love- from separation, to acceptance to reinvigoration- Yelchin and Jones finely portray and make you really feel for the characters and what they are going through. Furthermore, what made me enjoy the film all the more, as depressing as it may be, was the ending. Without going into great detail the film does not explicitly end on a cheery note and suggest that love is not always meant to be, and that sometime one must learn to move on.

Despite the basic premise, ‘Like Crazy’ manages not to bog down the viewer with an over amount of sappiness. While it does have its typical romantic moments, the film manages to sill feel fresh, which is in large part due to the great character portrayals. “Like Crazy” may not significantly set itself apart from the crowd in any major way. However, it does warrant a view if you and your significant other are looking for calm night together. Plus I’m sure it will make you feel a lot better about your relationship.