Hoax Hunters #0 – Review

Hoax Hunters is a reality TV show similar to Mythbusters or Ghost Hunters. The team gets tips of weird occurrences, then go out to investigate whether or not they are real, or hoaxes. It’s funny, mysterious, and full of action.

The team gets a case involving a 1960’s astronaut who travels around with crows. The issue follows the layout of the types of TV shows they are mimicking with great affect. The pacing, from start to finish, feels like I’m watching a 30-minute one-off episode of this show.

It took me a few pages to warm up to the art in this issue, not that it’s bad by any stretch, but the artist has very harsh lines to define the characters. The art is going to change for issue #1, which looks much cleaner.

If you’re looking for a comic without spandex, you should pick up Hoax Hunters.