Red Hood and the Outlaws #7 – Review

This continues to be one of my favorite books in the DC New 52. Jason Todd, a former Robin, former dead man, now known as the Red Hood, is fighting a seemingly endless war against the Untitled. Issue #7 attempts to answer some questions about Essence and ask some new ones as well!

Seriously, this book has always been nothing but great to me. Scott Lobdell, also the writer of Superboy and Teen Titans, never ceases to amaze me with his storytelling in Red Hood. Almost the entire issue takes place on an alien spaceship the Outlaws hijacked, yet we get a great action piece, funny dialogue, and character development.

Starfire and Roy even out the harsh nature of Jason, and ground him in reality. When his past comes back to haunt him (almost literally!) Jason has to protect his friends. Jason grapples with trying to live a normal life before realizing who he is and what he must do. Deep down, Jason is a hero even if he doesn’t know it.

The art by Kenneth Rocafort is fantastic. He does crazy things with panel placement that gives the page a lot of negative space. I really like how each panel slightly overlaps the next, so pacing and eye movement is never confusing. Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about the art in this book. From issue #1 I have absolutely loved everything about it.

Scott Lobdell has made a unique and gripping story that I anxiously anticipate every month. If you want an edgy, funny, violent, and sexy book go ahead and pick up Red Hood and the Outlaws. You will not be disappointed.