Super Crooks #1 – Review

Have you ever asked the question, “Why do villains always attack the same city where super heroes are?” If so, you should definitely read this comic. We follow Jonny Bolt, a super villain with electric powers, who is constantly getting beaten up by super heroes. Without revealing too much of what is going on, Jonny decides he wants to be a real villain again, without super heroes to stop him.

The art feels like a moving picture, each frame leading seamlessly to the next. I could definitely see this comic being a movie or TV show, and the art does a great job of telling the story even more plainly than the dialogue.

I am very impressed with this comic and cannot wait to pick up the next issue. If you want a realistic take on super heroes (who are snarky assholes) and super villains (who are evil, but have a reason to do crime), get this book.