The Amazing Spider-Man #682 – Review

ENDS OF THE EARTH starts now! Yes, the brand new Spider-Man event storyline has begun! What does the dying Doctor Otto Octavius have planned? Will Spider-Man be able to stop him AND the rest of the Sinister Six? I don’t know, but I’m sure excited to find out after reading this issue!

Since I started reading comic books, I’ve always loved Spider-Man. To me, he is the super hero that defines super heroes. Dan Slott, the current writer on The Amazing Spider-Man, has done an excellent job of actually growing and changing a 50-year-old character.

Now, Peter Parker is a scientist at Horizon Labs, where he makes gadgets from ideas he gets while fighting villains. We don’t know where he stands in his relationship to Mary Jane. But, all that aside, Spider-Man has to face his biggest challenge yet when Doctor Octopus threatens to cause the rapid increase in global warming if he doesn’t give them what he wants.

Dan Slott’s writing is spot on. Filled with suspense and humor, this is the Spider-Man people know and love. But, towards the end we see a darker, more authoritative Spider-Man that I cannot wait to see more of!

Stefano Caselli does the art in this issue, and what great art it is, too. Multiple two-page spreads fill this book and each panel seamlessly flows into the next. Caselli does an exellent job making the reader feel Spider-Man’s tension and unease.

The final page is an excellent teaser for what is to come and I cannot wait. If you’re new to comics and want to read Spider-Man, this is a great time to jump on. If you’re a long time Spidey fan, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.