Wonder Woman #7 – Review

Brian Azzarello is writing one of the most intriguing books in the New 52 with Wonder Woman. However, since the first mini-arc I haven’t been as interested in this book. Issue #7 attempts to rekindle the fire.

Wonder Woman has never been a heroine I’ve taken much interest in. I always thought she was just a dumb Amazonian with a truth lasso. But with Azzarello’s new take on the heroine, I have grown to like her (even if in Justice League she spends two pages wondering what ice cream is…). Azzarello is crafting a story that combines Wonder Woman and the mythological Greek Gods with almost a crime family story. Apparently, everyone on Mt. Olympus hates each other and Wonder Woman is stuck in the middle of their struggles. Now that Hades has taken her friend, Zola, Wonder Woman must arm herself with powerful weapons and allies if she has any hope of rescuing Zola.

I am warming up to Cliff Chiang’s art. The original few issues had amazing art and colors that looked and moved like Greek vase paintings. This new style attempts to mimic that, but doesn’t fully achieve that goal. I will commend Chiang for his interpretations of the Greek Gods, which have been fantastic and fresh.

I really hope the story picks up soon. Wonder Woman is struggling to understand how to be a hero and I love seeing this side to a super hero, but I’m ready for her to kick ass and take names.