Error! Report #033 – Pre E3 Showdown

It’s June 3rd, one day before the E3 festivities. You know what that means: rumors, trailers, announcements, leaks, and Ryan’s birthday. In this episode we discuss the recent E3 revelations and our excitement levels reach an all time high. There was also some mention of Joss Whedon and Criterion Blu-Ray releases.

E3 is a big deal and we are going to make a big deal of it. Starting Monday, June 4th, through every day E3 occurs look for a special edition of the Error! Report as we run down the big announcements, major games, and the giant screw ups that are bound to occur.

(Note: There is a slight echo in this episode, I apologize for that and it will be fixed for the future.)

Here are some cool things for you to find!