We Played Some Dumb Lovecraft RPG

Last night we decided to play an RPG. Not a video game RPG, but an actual dice-rolling, character-building, choice-making RPG.

Consider this a test run for a new fourth segment idea we started cooking up. What if we could create an episodic season of an RPG game? In it, four of us would fight off demons and stop evil from taking over the world. Think of it like a season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, only with Error! Report as the stars. Anyway, this is us running a test scenario of the game to see if it would be fun.

We break rules, add our own, and complete a strangely satisfying adventure. Enjoy.

The episode can be found here. (Click the link. Once on the page, right click then hit “Save as” to download the file for your MP3 player.)