Community Replay: The Series Finale

By: Kyle

And so the end begins. Welcome to the Series Finale of Community Replay. It’s been broken into 2 parts because of rendering issues, but part 1 is up and part 2 is currently uploading.

In this episode we go through and play some of our favorite titles of our gaming history and we talk about some of our favorite moments from the past 2 seasons. It’s been a fun ride and we’ve enjoyed every moment we’ve had with you guys. You’ve been an amazing community (Albeit some dramatic times as well haha) and we certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

To all of editors, we’d like to thank you for the inspiration to create and maintain this series for the past 2 seasons and we always look forward to watching Replay from you. If you have a chance, we hope you’ll enjoy this special finale that includes a special message to you (As well as everyone else) at the end of part 2.

I would like to personally thank Ben Hanson for encouraging me to create the series in the first place. His encouragement and admiration for the idea is what has kept it going for as long as it has.

But now we say goodbye to this series in place for something that we hope you’ll enjoy much more in the future. Thanks for the memories and the wonderful moments, and thanks for getting myself (As well as I’m sure everybody else) back into retro gaming. I forgot how fun it could be.