Mod This: The Stanley Parable

Here is a new episode of Mod This where we take a look at The Stanley Parable.

The Stanley Parable is a Half-Life 2 mod developed by Cakebread. This is an incredibly innovative, story-driven mod with an omnipresent narrator guiding Stanley through an office building. But say you’re in a hallway with two doors, the narrator tells you to go left, you have the choice to follow the narrator’s guidence, or forge your own path. The story is dictated by the choices you make, with each series of choices taking around 15-20 minutes a piece. The dialogue is fantastic, funny, and an interesting experiment in video game storytelling.

Recently, with the unveiling of Steam Greenlight, Cakebread annouced an all new HD Remix of The Stanley Parable with more choices that don’t matter. Go over to the game’s Greenlight page and give it a thumbs up. If this video won’t convince you, well then you’re just not human now are you? Seriously, this mod is pretty fantastic.