Error! Report #055

The podcast might be late, but we’re here! This week a bunch of games came out, so we talked about those for a while. Evan and I rave about Dishonored, which is quickly becoming a critical darling and not so much a commercial success. And that sucks because Dishonored is really, really good. So you should go buy that game. After that, Matthew and I talk about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the game I never expected to love so much. Then Ryan comes in with his dumb 5th Generation Pokemon like he’s hot stuff. But we all know he’s not.

OG 151 or bust, yo.

After we discuss games for the better part of the first two hours, we take it to news. Questions spawns some interesting conversation about our review processes and a rundown of how our favorite games might not actually be what we think are the best games. To round out the podcast we have a short, but sweet Call of Cthulhu episode for you. In this one Ryan and I team up to do the most awesome stuff ever seen in a game ever, while Matthew just curls up in a closet like a little baby.

Here are some cool things for you to find!