Thoughts on The Walking Dead: Seed

Riot Gear, Kitana’s, Silencer’s oh my!

Photo Courtesy of AMC

Let me start off by saying that I am a unhealthily obsessed with The Walking Dead comic book series and so when AMC decided to create a show based off of the comics I may have shed a tear of joy. That being said, the television show is not without its issues, as can be seen with how slow season two was near the middle. Thankfully, “Seed” was a much improved way to kick off this season, and certainly brought new life into these characters as well as their situation.

Skipping ahead a few months was a great idea to push this show forward. It was nice to see that characters, such as Carl and Carol, who were practically helpless these last few seasons, actually become veteran killers. It gives viewers the sense that the winter months were tough on them and they had to grow as hunters, or die as victims. This being said, it is slightly hard to believe that it took them this many months to find the prison, considering they were seemingly miles from it as seen through last season’s finale. Although T-Dog, who needs to find a more suitable name even if it is a dead-ridden apocalypse, briefly mentioned that they have been going around in circles, it felt like a lame excuse on the writer’s behalf. Fortunately this was my only qualm with the episode as things got kicked into high gear when Rick stumbled over the hill and saw the foundation of their new home- the prison.

While reading the comics, I had such a grand notion of how they could film the prison. Luckily this lived up to my expectations and then some. It was great to see the group working like a well oiled machine; some distracting the zombies while others went in for the kill.  It further showed how much they have grown as a group and how they have learned to play off of each others. I mean how cool was it to see Carl with the classic sheriff hat and shirt form the comics, go into a shack and blow some zombies head off with a pistol and silencer. Or how about Maggie’s glee when she discovered how to kill the zombies in riot gear. These little moments show just how skilled they have becomes as survivors, while showing off some really sweet gear. I mean the silencer that Carl and Rick had on their guns was so sweet, and the riot gear just made me so excited for things to come. However, possibly the coolest weapon came in the form of a katana, and the women holding it- Michonne.

Michonne is one of my favorite characters from the comics and so it was great to see how much she resembles her character from the comics. Although we did not get to see much of her, it was never the less see a few heads roll with a swing of her sword. It will also be interesting to see just how Michonne, alongside with Andrea, who Rick and the rest have just so happened to forget about, meet up at the prison, or if maybe they stumble across another group first. Never the less, I can’’t wait to see where their story goes and hopefully they focus on them a bit more next episode.

The remaining bulk of the episode took place within the prison itself, as the survivors set up camp in a prison block and began eliminating the dead from other sections of the prison. Meanwhile, it was interesting to see new relationships blossom, particularly between Carl and Beth. They are the only children alive in the group and so it will be interesting to see how they will cope with this. However, a far more disturbing relationship emerged, and that was between Lori and her child. While still pregnant, it was horrifying to hear Lori contemplate the thought of her dying during birth or if it was already dead. This was something I entirely never thought of and it horrified me quite a bit.

The final moments of the episode were intense. Although they made it abundantly clear this was going to happen- I mean one zombie in a lone hallway that he happens to walk over come on- it was still unsettling to see Rick act so quickly and chop off Hershell’s leg. This was a great scene pulled from the comics, and although it occurred to a different individual in the comics, it was still nerve racking. This entire final moment was summed up nicely in the “Holy sh!t’ uttered by one of the surviving prisoners  who witnessed the entire event, and holy si!t indeed.

With a solid opening episode, The Walking Dead is off to a great start. With some big set pieces, and the possibility of new survivors it will be exciting to see where this season goes, and how far Rick and his group will be willing to go to keep their new found home safe.