Thoughts on The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer

Stop! Hammer Time


Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead left the survivors in quite the interesting predicament. While Glenn and Maggie did all they could to survive, Rick and a rag-tag group came to infiltrate Woodbury. With a very intriguing cliff-hanger, I had high hopes for this week’s episode. Fortunately, “Made to Suffer” lived up to those expectations and then some, with some great character introductions and moments and some truly awesome action sequences.

Finally! After two seasons of waiting Tyreese finally shows up, as does his skull crushing hammer. After rumours came to circulate the Internet in the last few weeks I was truly excited to see him appear and take out a few walkers along the way. While I have never seen actor Chad Coleman in the phenomenal television series The Wire, a fault I must fix and soon, he came to fit right into the role perfectly capture the essence of the character.

It was enjoyable to see Tyreese and his own group of survivors begin the episode, and have them come to discover the prison. However, it seems like a glaring fault that Rick and his group happened to miss the huge hole in the back of the prison where walkers and evidently survivors could get in. It would have been far better to have this sequence as a flash forward after particular events occur at the prison, in which I will not spoil. Never the less, it was a great introduction to the character.

While Tyreese being introduced was a wonderful surprise, it was interesting to see their interaction with Carl and the remaining members at the prison. This was another great sequence for Carl, as he once again came to finely demonstrate how much of a badass he has become, while also showing how much of a leader he can be. I mean how great was it to see Carl take out a few walkers with surprising ease, and then the next moment in a Kyle Reese-esque moment tell Tyreese and his group to come with him if they want to live. I must give it to actor Chandler Riggs, for this season he has truly come into his own as Carl, truly showing what this boy is capable of.

While things at the prison seem to be on the upside, the same cannot be said for Woodbury. Not only was there a good ol’ western shootout in the middle of the town, but we got to see some truly heroine moments courtesy of Maggie and Michonne.

First off, it was really sad to see Glenn and Maggie quivering in the corner as Glenn comes to ask her if the Governor did anything to her. It was such a touching moment that made their following escape all the more powerful, as more than any other characters in the show, I care about Glenn Maggie the most and want them to persevere. However, it was absolutely brutal to see Glenn take apart that walker and subsequently use its bone shards as a weapon, but the way Maggie mercilessly kills that guard without hesitation made me shudder. It is nice to see Maggie have a much larger role in the show, as compared to the comics, and it is great to see how well actress Lauren Cohen has come to make this character her own.

However, Maggie and Glenn were not the only characters to have to deal with a few problems, as Michonne came to take care of a personal vendetta. While I really enjoy Michonne in the comics, I find the writers have given me no true reason to like her in the show. Sure she is a brooding, samurai wielding badass but that can only go so far. Unfortunately, this continued in this week’s episode for while it was awesome to see just wait at the door for the Governor, katana in hand, I wish they would  come to explore the character more in some way for it would make her decisions in this episode all the more significant. Her brutal murder of the Governor’s walker daughter was quite unexpected, but never the less awesome, as was the fight seen that followed. It was utterly disgusting to see Michonne’s head get slammed into the walker tank as undead heads try to bite at her, and as soon as she went for the shard of glass I knew that a game changing moment for the Governor was about to occur and boy was I right.

I must hand it to David Morrisey, he has done a hell of a job showing both the lighter and darker sides of the Governor, and this episode beautifully captivated both ends of the spectrum. It was almost touching to see his reaction to Michonne holding his daughter hostage and her subsequent death if it wasn’t for all the freakish heads he keeps chomping their teeth in the tanks. However, the scene in which he gets stabbed in the eye looked absolutely brutal as was his hellish reaction. Yet, rather than moan in sheer agony he goes to coddle his dead daughter as Andrea appears to thwart Michonne’s plan to finish him off. Of all the moments thus far this gave me a sign as to why Andrea would come to fall for this character, even if this ironically was the moment that will come to push her away. I mean it seems like it would be hard to keep a lady around when you have a room of heads in which she stumbles upon, but then again the end of the world does crazy things to people.

As if Maggie and Michonne’s great scenes we not enough, we finally got to see the bitter sweet reunion of Merle and Daryl, for it may be the last time they will see each other. It was quite the twist to see the Governor turn on his loyal right hand man after everything he has done for him, but then again Merle did lie to him about killing Michonne. It will be interesting to see how Daryl escapes this situation, because let’s be honest he will, but whether it is with his brother is another tale entirely. With the Governor now out for revenge on Rick and his group, something tells me things are not going to get any easier for these survivors.

With some stellar action sequence and character moments, “Made to Suffer” certainly delivered as a mid-season finale. While I wish there would have been more character development for some, this episode never the less delivered one hell of a confrontation that will surely lead to more blood being spilled. Let’s hope that certain characters come to their senses before hand, and come to decide whose side of the battle they want to be on.

5 Star Rating