Error! Not Found’s GOTY Deliberations – Day Two

GOTYDayTwoDay Two is here and that means we’re going to fight over video games some more!

These Game of the Year Awards are beginning to tear us apart, so naturally we tackle some of the biggest, most controversial, and divisive topics. Today brings you Best Story, Best Ending, Worst Ending, Best Protagonist, and Best Antagonist. Listen as we fight about the stupidest ending in the world, which now that I think about it, should have won Worst Ending over just getting cut from Best Ending. All I’m saying is Evan and Matthew are so wrong on so many levels.

Note: Since we talk about the best and worst parts of a lot of games this year, there is a pretty big chance we’re going to spoil a lot of them. You’ve been warned.

Error! Not Found’s Game of the Year Awards Day Two podcast can be found here: Day Two Podcast