Error! Not Found’s GOTY Deliberations – Day Four

GOTYDayFourDay Four: We’ve made it through some of the worst trials in our journey to crown 2012’s Game of the Year. Now we must award some dumb games and some dumb things in games.

It’s cold. I’m afraid. These Game of the Year talks have stretched us to the limited of our ability to tolerate each other and I’m not sure how much longer we’re going to last. Most arguments boil down to Evan and I with two staunchly different opinions on games Matthew and Ryan haven’t played. They’re the weak ones of the tribe. I think we should use their bones as firewood and their meat as substance for this cold, harsh time. I hope it doesn’t come to that, though. If we continue to be savage, we are no better than the savages on the internet complaining about Mass Effect 3. No. We won’t be that. We can’t be that. We’re better than that. It’s cold. So very cold. Send help.

Today we discuss the Best Open World Game, Best RPG Mechanics in a Non-RPG Game, Worst Banter, Best Banter, The Most Fine and Decent Game of the Year, and the Best Worst Use of FMV.

Note: Since we talk about the best and worst parts of a lot of games this year, there is a pretty big chance we’re going to spoil a lot of them. You’ve been warned.

Error! Not Found’s Game of the Year Awards Day Two podcast can be found here: Day Four Podcast