Error! Not Found’s GOTY Deliberations – Day Five

GOTYDayFiveIt’s Day Five and that means it’s time for the genre awards!

Today we discuss the best and worst in some genres categories we made. These do not necessarily relate to any GOTY winners, contestants, or anything of the sort. GOTY is done separately through a list of all the games we played throughout the year. Anything is still up for grabs. Anything can still win.

We’ve got Best Rhythm, Best RPG, Best FPS, Best Puzzle/Strategy, Best Third Person Shooter, and Best Action/Adventure. Some of you might think these categories are too broad and include too many great games all at once. To that I say, you’re probably right, but this is the way we did business. Maybe video game genres should be more definable next time, huh?

Note: Since we talk about the best and worst parts of a lot of games this year, there is a pretty big chance we’re going to spoil a lot of them. You’ve been warned.

Error! Not Found’s Game of the Year Awards Day Five podcast can be found here: Day Five Podcast