Error! Report #065

Error! Report LogoIt’s time for the first podcast of the new year! 2013 y’all; the year of the snake or something. We’ve got some game talk, mediocre bits of news, and a lack of a user questions segment on this episode. That’s mostly my fault because I didn’t ask for any questions. But it’s also your fault for not asking questions anyway.

So, to make up for that we do two of our forth segment sessions starting off simply with a game of Cards Against Humanity (we’re sorry… again), and the return of a much beloved, long dormant segment! Want to know what it is? Listen and find out! It’s probably pretty stupid, but hey, that’s really what we’re all about.

Get ready for more Persona talk since Matthew finished Persona 3 and started Golden. Oh and I finished Persona 4 Golden, which means I got a Vita finally. Ryan is stupid slow and still playing Persona 3. Come on, man, we’ve moved on at this point. Bigger and better things await.

Here are some cool things for you to find!