Opinion: Where Should Season Two of The Walking Dead Game Go?

*Warning: this piece contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Game


When Telltale announced that they would be creating an episodic The Walking Dead game I was cautiously optimistic. While I  enjoyed the idea of the game taking place in the comic book universe, I worried that they would not be able to capture what makes the comic series so great- being its character development and to a lesser degree the harrying tale of survival of Rick and his group. As my game of the year list illustrates however, I should not have worried, as The Walking dead game creates a finely crafted tale of survival and unconventional friendship in a world populated by the living dead.

Recently I completed the game with my girlfriend, and after witnessing the traumatic events of the ending and shedding a tear (a.k.a. openly sobbing), my mind went aflutter with the possibilities for the sequel. With Telltale announcing the development of the sequel in 2013, I have become greatly intrigued with what they will do next. Below you shall find a few ideas that I have been thinking about. It is highly unlikely that these will come into fruition, which is why they are nothing more than guess work from a fan who cannot wait to see what happens next.

Clemmyep51. Clementine meets a new group of survivors and continues her tale

This seems the most likely, as the game ended on such as cliff hanger with Clementine left utterly alone as she sees some unseen survivors on a hilltop in the distance. While this could be Christa and Omid, the only known survivors from your party at the end of the game, it would be much more interesting for it to be an unknown group of survivors in which she must deal with. Whether or not they are good or evil is irrelevant. What is important is if Clementine will come to trust them, especially after what Lee has taught her. It would be great if Telltale allowed for Clementine to choose if she wants to work with groups of people, or travel solo, occasionally meeting allies who will come and go. Ultimately the lessons that Lee has taught Clementine should come into play, as should the players decision on how to handle Lee in the ending of the game. Clementine is a fragile girl at this point, and so anything could tip her over the edge.

2. Play as a separate group of survivors who come across Clementine

This idea would be the most interesting as it would allow Telltale to flesh out new characters and a spate story that comes to intersect with Clementine’s. What I was thinking is that, assuming that season two is five episodes like the first, we the player taking control over one of the members. However, instead of showing how this group survives over five chapters, in episode one players catch this group at the end of their tale as they come to be separated or killed. The player escapes with another member of their choosing, and end up in the hills. Than in the distance they see a small figure near a tree, the figure waving to them. Boom! End of chapter one. This figure would obviously be Clementine, but it would be up to the player to decide how to interact with Clementine  whether you cautiously approach or run to her with open arms. The lessons Clementine have learned will once gain come into play, such as whether or not she is hostile towards you, or cautiously comes to accept you and your companion. In this instance it would also be great if each subsequent chapter switched players back and forth between the character of Clementine and this survivor (ex. chapter 2 would be played by Clementine’s perspective, 3 the unknown survivor). This would allow for more diverse gameplay, but also would allow players to see the inner workings of separate characters  While this would be difficult to accomplish in a mere five chapters, I would not say no to season two being more than five episodes.

3. The tale of the stranger

This idea will likely not happen, but never the less would be interesting. Players only got a brief glimpse into the mad world of the man who kidnapped Clementine. While he acted as a gatekeeper of sorts, forcing players to re-think the decisions they made over the course of the game before moving on, he had an interesting tale to tell. It would be interesting to see this man’s tale from the beginning of the outbreak and how he and his family descended into madness once their supplies were stolen from their car. While players would already know the ending of this man’s story, it could perhaps create a shred of sympathy for the character and his insane actions.

4. Whatever happened to…? cast-feature-lilly

By the end of season one players have seen many characters come and go. To be fair, a great portion of them end up dead, but there are still a few whose survival is unknown. Characters such as Lilly, Christa and Omid, or Molly are familiar faces and would be a great starting point to tell the next chapter of the series. If Telltale wanted to go into the unknown, let players control Lilly or Molly as the last time players saw either of these characters they were heading off on their own. However, if they want to have a direct sequel to season one, then the continuing tale of Christa and Omid would be logical. Never the less both groups would be very interesting to control, as players have come to greatly affect all these characters in some way throughout season one, only this time they would have to live with their actions from the opposite perspective.

5. Do none of these things

The Walking Dead is a hot property right now. With the continuing comic book series, novels, and television series, The Walking Dead brand name is alive and kicking to say the least. At this point Telltale could do anything they want with season two and fans would be willing to check it out. So long as it has great characterization  a compelling story, and some bold decisions that leave players anxiously waiting for the next chapter, they can do no wrong. If Telltale were to take a bold step and start season two from another standpoint, such as that of a villain in the making, I would be on board with that. With Telltale on many gamers radars thanks to this game, they have alot to live up to. However, I have great faith in them as game makers, and so hopefully season two does not seek to re-animate season one, and instead decides to make season two a whole new monster. No matter what they do, I will be waiting anxiously.