Thoughts on The Walking Dead: I Ain’t A Judas

A Fools Hope

TWD_GP_311_0921_0286Well this season of the Walking Dead is certainly turning out to be another mixed bag. After a strong first half to the season, these last few weeks have been less than stellar, with the show moving at an alarmingly slow pace, and only a few standout moments. Unfortunately, this week turned out to be no different as the writers choose to focus on Andrea. To be fair I did have hope for her to redeem herself, especially since she was going to the prison for the first time, but alas no as “I Ain’t A Judas” turned out to be the worst episode in a season that began so strongly.
The immediacy of Hershel telling Rick that he is slipping was a great way to start the episode. For these last few weeks viewers have seen how Rick is still not mentally right, and perhaps should not be leading the group. This came to be further acknowledged when his own son, Carl, had to tell him that it was time for him to stop being the leader. It is a great contrast amount Rick and the Governor, for as Rick begins to slip, the Governor finally sets in motion his plans to attack the prison.

Seeing Woodbury begin to prepare for the oncoming war was interesting.  Deciding to arm children was a frightening choice and gave viewers a little more reason to dislike the governor- if only for a bit. However, I still feel that the Governor has no true motivation for attacking the prison. He may want it for himself, but they sure have not made that evident thus far. The only motivation is some minute form of revenge and really does not make him much of a villain for viewers.

As he Governor readies to wage war, Rick, Glenn, Michonne, Daryl and Hershel began their next move on the Governor. Apparently ignoring everything Glenn said last week, the group came to require the aid of Merle, who knows Woodbury and the Governor better than anyone.

It was nice to see Hershel take a father figure role this week and try to bond with Merle. I never would have thought those two would get along, but apparently bonding over lost limbs worked. It also gave me a reason to like Merle, even more so as he and Hershel began to discuss the Bible. It’s funny, but amongst the apocalypse two completely opposite people came to bond over Religion, which in such a dark time is not so bad to have.

After weeks of deliberating it was about time that Andrea went to the prison with the help of Milton, who is not so secretly keeping tabs on her. I was utterly surprised when they came across Tyreese and his group (how did they escape?), who are now set to become Woodbury’s newest members. In the comics Rick and Tyreese were quite close, but with Tyreese coming in at quite a later point in Rick’s life makes me wonder if he will be more of a foe then a friend.

Andrea being at the prison was an eye opener for her, to say the least. After painfully listing everyone she did not know died, including their precious T-dog, it was time for her to learn the truth. Andrea’s relationship with Michonne was not that strong to begin with, but it was interesting to see Michonne consider Andrea a friend and to tell her that the Governor is all sorts of crazy. However, the true highlight of the episode came with Andrea’s conversation with Carol. I really like what they have been doing with Carol lately, quickly making her one of my favourite character, and this further set that in stone. Telling Andrea to sleep with the Governor and then kill him is quite the dastardly plan (cue evil moustache twirl) and left me in disbelief that such a sweet lady could think of it. Plus it was actually a good idea. Although the Governor has his doubts about her, he still cares for her, which could get him killed…at least that was the idea. However, due to Andreas lack of will power because she loves him, only the first half of the plan was followed, much to the assumed amusement of the Governor. I would say that I am disappointed, but after an entire forty minutes of build-up just to see Andrea not follow through is of no surprise. Unfortunately, it is what I have come to expect from a character that has fallen so far this season.

After a few weeks of uneventful episodes, I looked forward to “I Ain’t No Judas” and hoped for a well thought out return of Andrea to Rick’s group. Unfortunately this episode surmounted to very little, showing very little plot and character development aside from Tyreese becoming a new resident in Woodbury. With only five episodes left this season, the writers need to begin wrapping story lines up, lest they leave the Governor story to continue next season. With the way the Governor’s story arc has gone so far, I am not sure I want it to continue.

2 Star Rating