Error! Not Found’s Family Game Night Vol. 01 Ep. 03

FGN PicWe take a break from the ongoing Call of Cthulhu game to play something completely different!

This week we break away from Call of Cthulhu in favor of trying out a different game. Fiasco, a sort-of improv type game where anything can happen and everything goes wrong. We go back to Los Angeles, 1936. A time where people were just trying to make it in the world. Mr. Caruso is an up-and-coming mob boss who wants to take down the local prostitution ring run by George Florian. Things go horribly awry as a romantic relationship develops between Caruso’s crony, Johnny, and Florian’s top lady-of-the-evening, C-something… I don’t remember, but that’s Matthew’s character. Carrisa? Something like that.

Anyway, what follows is the full episode and (hopefully) it’s good.

Special Thanks to Myles Cadle for supplying the header image.