Thoughts on The Walking Dead: “Welcome to the Tombs”

The Governor Comes to Take the Prison as Season 3 Closes

Photo Courtesy of AMC
Photo Courtesy of AMC

The Walking Dead as an entirety has had a great many ups and downs throughout its three seasons. As season two drew to a close last year, and viewers got their first glimpse of the prison, I, along with countless  of others no doubt, grew increasingly anxious about Rick and the prison, as well as meeting the infamous Governor. However, as season three progressed,  I grew less and less hopeful. “Welcome to the Tombs” was the final nail in the coffin as season three came to close in pitiful fashion, easily making this season the worst thus far.

The beginning torture scenes with the Governor were rather brutal and a great way to begin the episode, although the remainder did not live up to such potential. It was a nice twist to see the Governor torturing Milton and not Andrea. I came to really like Milton as a character and so it was depressing for the Governor to manipulate Milton’s trust (and love) for him and kill him. The way the Governor stabs him without remorse was shocking, and as he left Milton on the floor to turn and attack Andrea, I could not help but pity him. Plus, this was a very telling moment for the Governor, who would rather see one of his closest allies die for his cause than give up his pitiful revenge against Rick. If only we would have seen this side of the Governor more often throughout this season, than perhaps this final episode would have had a greater impact.

Also I want to get this off my chest- how stupid was Andrea this week. I understand not wanting to wake Milton as he slowly becomes a walker, but stopping dramatically every time he breathed heavily or twitched was so annoying. If  Andrea would have not spent so much time watching Milton, than maybe you could have escaped so much quicker.

After Rick’s great speech last week, I was surprised to see them packing up and leaving. There were a few great moments here, particularly a simple conversation between Carol and Daryl that gives me hope that perhaps they will become something more next season. As Rick and the group left, and just in time too, the Governor began his attack- and by attack I mean blowing up a few set pieces in grand fashion and than stupidly realizing they were gone.  It was rather pathetic to see how quickly the Governor and his men gave up and came to leave the prison. However, it was a nice twist to see that Rick had not actually left the prison and were waiting to attack. Glenn and Maggie were the true bad-asses here, as they mowed down the Governor’s men-in riot suits no less-which was a great reference to the comics.

Meanwhile the Carl scene will undoubtedly be debated by fans as to whether he did the right thing in killing one of the Governors young soldiers, or if it was just plain murder. Personally, I think Carl was justified in his actions. In a world where no one can be trusted, let alone one of the Governor’s own soldiers no less, Carl did the right thing. Rick’s little speech to Carl was a nice, but all together a pointless lesson. The world has changed, as have the laws, as was seen in the symbolic moment when Rick left his sheriff badge in the rubble. The only law in this kill or be kill worled  now is survival.

This little code of law was also clearly demonstrated in the Governor going absolutely insane and killing everybody after invading the prison. It was great to see him just snap, but once again why could this have happened sooner. Viewers may now have reason to fear the Governor. However, as it was the last episode of the season, it is a little late to say the least.

I never thought I would say this, but the most enjoyable part of this episode was Andrea’s laughable death. “I wanted to save everyone”, she said to Milton as he died. Really Andrea, you did? Well mission accomplished considering you are about to get mauled my walker Milton, who also has had more character development than you have this entire season. Andrea was foolish and a pathetic excuse for a character since the start of this season, and so as Michonne cried over Andrea’s body, claiming she was her one friend, I laughed aloud. Time and again Andrea has lied and betrayed Michonne and Rick. I feel bad writing this, but I had such high hopes for Andrea in the beginning of the series, and the writers destroyed one of the best characters in The Walking Dead comics. Hopefully they do not do the same to Michonne or any of the remaining women in the series.

The final moments left Rick in an interesting position. With the remaining inhabitants of Woodbury, including Tyreese and his sister, joining Rick at the prison it appears as Rick is set to become the new Governor- hopefully in name only. Furthermore, Rick no longer seeing Lori gave me hope for the character, that perhaps he has come to live with himself, and in a way redeem himself through helping these people. However, with the Governor still out there, I do not think they will survive as he undoubtedly prepares another attack on the prison. Hopefully though he does not make the same stupid mistake twice.

After a rather boring and all together drawn out season, it was sad, all together not surprising, to see season three end in such unspectacular fashion. With a final, laughable, moment from Andrea, a character who will undoubtedly be praised by characters in the following season and relentlessly mocked by fans, and a truly pitiful attack on the prison, “Welcome to the Tombs” was a pathetic final attempt to make a villain out of the Governor. Perhaps if this episode came at the midway point of the series than it would have been better received. As this is not the case however, “Welcome to the Tombs” is not just one of the worst Walking Dead episodes of this series- it is also a terrible hour of television. Period.

1 Star Rating