To Infinity and Beyond: What I Would Like in Bioshock Infinite’s DLC

To begin, I would like to say that this post will contain a fair amount of spoilers so read at your own risk. 

Bioshock is not just a game. It is a masterpiece in storytelling, as you have likely heard from many other critics and review sites, such as our own. This is not to be debated; it is a fact set in stone no matter what reality tear you are in.  As I write this my mouth is still agape from the ending events and how complex and astounding they are. With the concluding events now behind me and the intrigue of forthcoming DLC on the horizon, I became curious as to what Irrational Games could possibly do. While I would like to obviously see new vigor’s and weapons, I am far more curious with the story and where it could place players within the floating skylines of Columbia, and with whom they would come to interact with. Following are a few hopeful wishes for the DLC and how it will further come to shape Booker, Columbia, and all of its inhabitants.

The Tale of Daisy Fitzroy and the Vox Populi

The less than pragmatic leader of the Vox Populi eluded many players. While earning a bit of her back story through scrounging every environment for voxaphones, the character of Daisy Fitzroy is still very much a mystery. It would be great to gain insight into this character through having to play as Fitzroy as she comes to rebel against the oppressive Comstock and businessman Jeremiah Fink. Starting off as a mere maid in the Comstock house, to her rise as a leader of a rebellion would not only add insight into her character; it would also further flesh out some of the rich history of Columbia, and thematic elements, such as racial dominance and superiority in which are  common throughout Bioshock Infinite.

If the developers do not want to have players directly play as Daisy, but still have her be a major character, they can instead place players in the shoes of an unknown minority who comes to support Fitzroy in her uprising. Becoming one of the first Vox affiliates, this would once again flesh out some gaps in the story and allow players to explore the dark underbelly of Columbia from another viewpoint other than Booker’s.

The Vox Populi Revolution

Searching for gun manufacturer Chen Lin, only to find him dead, Booker and Elizabeth travel through a tear to a world where the Vox Populi have revolted and Booker is a martyr to their cause. Now how great would it be if players took the role of Booker in this parallel world and how he failed to rescue Elizabeth and instead became a supporter of the Vox cause?  Playing a similar, and yet different version of Booker would allow players to adopt a different playstyle if they so choose- they no longer have to guide Elizabeth through Columbia and think about her in their decisions. Instead it is solely about Booker and how his moral standpoint comes to change in Columbia through the Vox Populi. This type of story DLC would also be great for the developers as they already have an ending that is founded within the game itself- Booker is a martyr in this world for a reason. It would be short and sweet, but never the less enticing to play in a parallel world where Elizabeth is not as significant to the players is she is in the original storyline.

The Battle of Wounded Knee

This would be the most intriguing to me, primarily since it would not take place in Columbia, but is never the less  a vital part of Booker’s character, as well as Comstock’s and Cornelius Slate’s. Playing through the many atrocities that Booker faced at Wounded Knee would allow players to further sympathise with the character, or perhaps come to see him as the villain he is/would become. This would also allow players to get a better sense of who Slate is, for although they mention that he fought alongside Booker at Wounded Knee and that they have some semblance of friendship, it is never fully explored in the game.

Playing through the battle and subsequent aftermath would be  quite action oriented and a great way to introduce new weapons. Although players would not be wielding vigors, they could instead be carrying a secondary weapon, like a sword, or even dual wield pistols. Another option would be to allow players to use items in place of vigor’s, such as a whistle or horn to call in friendly combatants to help you, or different hand gestures depending on what type of artillery are required. Furthermore, the story would once again have a solidified ending within the larger game, with the player coming to accept or reject baptism in the waters of the flowing river.  This would allow players to choose an alternate path and ultimately shape who Booker becomes in that reality.

There are Other Worlds than These

The most surprising aspect of this game, well aside from the ending revelations, came in the form of players returning to a city under the sea.  Elizabeth mentions, that some way all these worlds are connected, each beginning with a lighthouse and a man. This made me curious for two reasons: firstly could Andrew Ryan be an alternate version of Booker in one reality; and secondly could Irrational Games be already planning a new Bioshock game? The latter seems likely considering how successful Infinite is, but the question whether they have already begun. A bold, but unlikely, move from Irrational Games would be to give players there first glimpse of the next Bioshock world in the final piece of DLC. As this DLC can extend all the way into next year, Irrational can present the final DLC as a look into a number of alternate realms, one of them being the setup for the next game. I am not sure how they could incorporate Booker, or a larger action sequence, but through looking at a number of other worlds would surely pump up fans and get them talking in the years until the new game is released.

The Man in the Lighthouse

Highly unlikely, but still possibly interesting, is the mystery behind the murdered individual in the lighthouse at the beginning of the game. This person clearly knew about Columbia and so was he a gatekeeper of sorts to the realm. Furthermore, was he perhaps more aware of the many tears and worlds that all begin at a lighthouse. This story can go in many ways, but would be quite difficult to entertain player. Really, I am just morbidly curious and want to know everything about this world.


So those are my thoughts on where I would like to see the game go. As unlikely as some of these situations are, it is never the less exciting to think if the infinite (heh) possibilities Bioshock Infinite’s DLC has to offer. So what would you guys like to see with the DLC? I  would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.